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    Brent Rollins is one of the industry's leading experts on mustangs. He has been called Mustang Whisperer by Craig Cameron. Brent is an EXCA Cowboy Race judge, and Craig Cameron certified trainer.

    Brent travels Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and California giving clinics and demos at expos, he also competes in the Extreme Mustang Makeovers. Brent is promoting the mustang and their versatility. He educates adopters and potential adopters on what to expect with their new mustang and deals with misconceptions regarding mustangs and domestic horses.

    Mustangs are not the only horses he works with. Brent works with problem horses, colt starting, and gives lessons. Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman have also influenced his training methods, as he participated in many clinics from both. Some of his training philosophies are that persistence and patience are the key. He believes that even the toughest horse with enough time and work has the ability to be a good horse. He also knows that knowing why a horse does what he does, and understanding the mind of a horse and how they feel, is paramount to the horses acceptance to training.

    Brent's background is a well-rounded combination of Reining, Natural Horsemanship, Ranch Riding and of course mustang training.

    Brent believes that every horse deserves a chance to be great, you just have to be willing to put in the effort.

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